Hertog Jan*** restaurant group

We look at ourselves critically every single day, hoping to learn something new. As individuals, we don’t want to think inside the box, follow conventions or a predetermined path; we welcome new horizons and personal growth. In our case, this means aspiring to more freedom and taking on challenging projects, not necessarily relating to gastronomy. Driven by a strong urge to reinvent ourselves, we decided to stop Hertog Jan while at the pinnacle of our career. Fortunately, this end also heralds a new beginning: Hertog Jan Restaurant Group is the next chapter in our three-star adventure.


Together with a team of enthusiastic and forward-looking people, we want to push back boundaries and launch several unique catering concepts, ranging from a classic Belgian family restaurant to an all-day concept and exclusive, customised gastronomy. We curate all the projects in our organisation on the strength of our experience, knowledge, vision and ‘By Hertog Jan***’ signature. The opening of L.E.S.S. (in a revamped concept), MORE and Classics is already planned for 2019.