Even celebrity chefs like a good burger from time to time, provided that the sandwich and its fillings are prepared with first choice products and by skilled hands. Babu is a refreshing presence in the shopping and student area of Ghent, with once again preparations inspired by trips abroad. We like to call them “Chefs Created Burgers,” and that’s the whole point.

Bar Bulot


With Bar Bulot Bruges, the Hertog Jan Restaurant Group pays tribute to the classic Belgian-French cuisine. Heavy sauces are replaced by fresh accents, however, and the focus always lies on the quality of the product. After the success of the restaurant in Bruges, it was decided in 2021 to open another branch of Bar Bulot in the Botanic Sanctuary as well. Both restaurants mostly serve the same dishes.

L.E.S.S. Eatery

In recent years, Gert De Mangeleer, together with his partners and chefs, has traveled to Japan and other countries in the Far East several times. It was during those trips that he started to get the idea to open a restaurant in Bruges that gives the smells and tastes of Asia an extra dimension. Today, L.E.S.S. Eatery is a cosmopolitan and swinging establishment, where it is not unusual for a DJ to liven up the atmosphere and for original cocktails to be served.

Hertog Jan at Botanic

Hertog Jan was reborn as Hertog Jan at Botanic, an intimate, sensual experience in a space of the new five-star hotel in Antwerp. Here, Gert De Mangeleer serves a culinary total experience, for which he draws inspiration from Japan, among other countries, but not exclusively. The unique experience is best compared to an omakase menu, literally ‘I leave it up to the chef.’


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